About us

Aspect is a corporate and political communications consultancy.  We help our clients achieve their objectives by creating dialogue, changing views and influencing behaviour through insight, creativity and determination. 



Since the company began Aspect has been consulting for some of the world’s largest companies, Europe’s most influential trade associations and various governments.

We’ve made them great headlines and helped them recover from crises.

We’ve managed mega-mergers and helped the merged entities successfully integrate culturally diverse organisations.

We’ve repositioned and built reputations, rolled-out new brands, and protected our clients when accidents happen.

We’ve helped them to successfully navigate complex and seemingly intractable issues and run political campaigns that have delivered real impact. 



Our philosophy is to deliver great work for clients through relentless focus on helping them to meet their organisation’s goals via communications. We look at the challenges faced by our clients as they do: it is the results that really count.

We believe that every successful project is based on sound analysis, and on translating this into strategies and programmes that deliver truly valuable results for our clients. We reject stereotypes and embrace open thinking. Our approach has always been holistic, flexible and based on practical problem-solving.

Our senior counsel stay fully involved in projects from beginning to end, and our team is comprised of people who are genuinely interested in politics and business. Always searching for the insightful, creative and intelligent approaches, we are passionate about what we do.



Our culture makes a tangible difference to how we work within Aspect and how we work together with our clients and partners. We firmly believe that the best work comes from a collaborative environment that’s brave enough to tackle the real challenges head on and strives to inspire through thought and action. Our people work seamlessly across every discipline and with client teams, enabling us to be truly integrated in our approach and bring the strategic insights and practical help our clients need to be successful.