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We develop winning communication strategies and then help execute plans to support those strategies. Here you will find a selection of the communications materials and media coverage that we have created for clients. You can also download Aspect publications here.



Aspect has worked with DSM’s food specialties division on defining and writing a series of ‘Environmental Product Declarations’ for a core range of its products. Translating complex scientific performance data into compelling copy for customers, the EPD’s promote understanding of the environmental benefits of the product portfolio, and highlight to customers the environmental and efficiency gains that can be won by using their products. Creating a template that is now in place across the business, Aspect continues to work with the team to further evolve this important communication tool.
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On brewing industry

Brewing is a highly competitive and cost-sensitive business. Common to all players is a focus on leveraging innovation and technology to optimize operational efficiencies and drive down costs, as well as on building brand equity and consumer appeal. The use of unmalted barley (referred to hereafter as ‘barley’) as a brewing adjunct has a bright future. Due to continuous developments in equipment, brewing processes and enzyme technology, brewers are increasingly able to maximize the use of this versatile raw material. Barley is similar to malt in composition and properties, and can be used as a partial or full replacement for it in the production of high-quality beers with excellent taste and foam. Barley, additionally, has the advantage of being considerably cheaper than malt.
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Mobile phones

Challenger newsletter - 4th November 2010
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The International Life Sciences Institute

The ILS I Europe Newsletter aims to serve all stakeholders. For industry members it is an update on how their support is translated into science that could help to advance public health. For academic scientists, it provides the opportunity to look at a number of scientific issues not only from an academic perspective, but also in an industry and a public health context. For government representatives, this newsletter provides the scientific background to various issues related to nutrition, food safety, chemical safety and the environment.
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Public services

Every year, CEEP produces an annual report which outline the various activities which it has undertaken during the previous year. In addition to details divided by Committee, the report also contains an organigramme and a list of all members.
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Plastic industry

An analysis of European plastics production, demand and recovery for 2009. 
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