Digital communications

Managing reputation online

Most of the buzz around the seemingly unstoppable growth in digital and social media over the last five years has been consumer focused. The big consumer brands have plunged into building communities on Facebook; Twitter is buzzing with competitions and offers for everything from fashion to PCs; and customer service teams are quick to respond to complaints posted on networking sites.
But that doesn’t mean that digital and social media do not have a role to play in modern corporate communications programmes. They can play an integral role in reputation and issues management campaigns, and understanding how to respond to a crisis that starts online is critical to protecting corporate brands.

At Aspect the extensive knowledge and expertise that we have on European corporate communications is applied to the online world as well.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Blogger relations - successful blogger relations requires a detailed understanding of the interest of individual bloggers, knowledge of how they want to be contacted and a clear view of how best to package the ‘story’ being offered.
  • Communities - perceived as the domain of consumer brands, building and managing online communities can provide valuable insights and communications channels for corporate brands.
    Having identified and developed the right community strategy for its clients the Aspect team works with market leader eModeration to moderate and manage the community while creating compelling and engaging content, and using online PR techniques to drive membership.
  • Content creation - successful digital and social communications relies on great content. As corporate communications specialists Aspect is highly experienced in analysing and understanding relevant issues and creating appropriate content for corporate communications programmes. With a combination of former journalists, broadcasters and in-house corporate communications directors on the team we have an unrivalled expertise in creating the very best digital content.
  • Crisis communications planning and response - crises spread fast and wide in the social media world and can rapidly become real world issues, so it is all the more important to be prepared and have the systems in place to deal with a crisis if it occurs. 
    Aspect can help you with an audit of your readiness to handle a social media crisis and the development of programmes to respond effectively if the worst does happen. This includes secure ‘online’ simulation of a social media crisis and training of your crisis management team.
  • Digital media relations - generating the best possible coverage in online publications using video, audio and the written word.
  • Social network communications plans - developing discussion and debate on your chosen topic across social media platforms, including micro-blog Twitter; business networking site LinkedIn; video sharing sites such as You Tube and Vimeo and presentation sharing sites such as Slide Share.
  • Search optimised PR - using key word search tools and free news wires to ensure that your news reaches the widest possible audience and can be found quickly through search.

Information about our sector experience can be found here.

For more information about our digital communications service contact: Sylvie Aitken.