Political communications

Modern political communications 

Today’s political climate is extremely complex and competitive, and heavily influenced by a range of different (and often competing) interests. Getting yourself heard and consistently understood is no simple task.

With extensive experience of European public affairs, lobbying and issues management, and an excellent understanding of international media, Aspect has the expertise to provide support that makes a difference.

We approach political communications as it should be done, recognising the range of influences that coalesce to form opinions among decision-makers. We recognise the equal importance of formal and informal channels and influencers, news media and NGOs, commentators and academics as well as elected politicians or officials or civil servants. All contribute to the creation of ideas and attitudes, and all have their place in the strategy.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Governmental communications
  • Coalition building and campaigning
  • Brussels press corps media relations

Information about our sector experience can be found here.
For more information about our political communications service contact: James Hunt or Frans Green.