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Our partners encompass financial institutions, entrepreneurs, governments, philanthropists, academics, investors and others. They seek to work with us because they appreciate our practical, hands-on approach and our unerring ability to get things done.

Valuing our reputation and discretion, our partners actively engage with the ideas, concepts and initiatives we share with them. In an age of information overload and where potential projects abound, Aspect gets straight to those that matter. /p>

When we speak, we get heard - and so do those we work with/p>

Senior leadership team

It takes a unique combination of people, experience and influence to deliver the impact that Aspect delivers for its clients.

Our team and our network brings together these qualities in the knowledge that while processes and tools have a role to play, it is ultimately people who bring the understanding, innovative thinking and collaborations needed to build business and economies, and achieve political change.

James Hunt

Managing Director


Diego Massimiliano
De Giorgi



Jeff Townsend