About Aspect

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Aspect is a strategic advisory firm that helps companies, organisations and countries to effectively create and seize opportunities and manage risks. Whether assisting with Governments, talking to media, finding investors or helping businesses grow, the Aspect team uses its exceptional experience and network of contacts and experts to develop strategies and programmes that deliver results.

Aspect was founded in 2004 with the goal of developing a truly international business consulting firm. Successfully working alongside governments, companies, and organisations in their national and international operations, and on some of the biggest and most challenging projects and issues.

Through the years, the firm has created strong links with other international consulting firms, specialists and advisers, expanding its ability to deliver across the world.

Senior leadership team

It takes a unique combination of people, experience and influence to deliver the impact that Aspect delivers for its clients.

Our team and our network brings together these qualities in the knowledge that while processes and tools have a role to play, it is ultimately people who bring the understanding, innovative thinking and collaborations needed to build business and economies, and achieve political change.