We work where Government and business converge, hence our services break down into two broad areas : those for businesses, and those for Governments.

Government services

  • Political access

    - assisting governments and politicians build relationships and achieve their goals, around the world, but with a focus on Brussels, Washington and London.
  • Public diplomacy

    - harnessing countries 'soft power' and helping politicians communicate across the world.
  • FDI and economic growth

    - developing Governments national, regional or state level growth strategies, and encouraging investors with targeted, business-friendly programs.

Business strategy services

  • Business development

    - helping companies grow and expand by finding new projects, exploring new markets, finding new partners, or securing access to finance where needed.
  • Political relations

    - advising on relationships with governments and solving political issues that challenge growth.
  • Business intelligence

    - providing risk management advice and information to support business decisions.