Case Studies

Shifting the Political Landscape on Vaping

Helping a Post-Communist State Pivot Towards the West

EU Integration Strategy Development in the Western Balkans

Wising Up to Innovation in Education

Safeguarding the Interests of Emergency Responders

Building Reputation and Relationships

APPG Mining – Creating a Voice for the International Mining Sector

Amway – Putting Senior Entrepreneurship on the EU Agenda

Reshaping the EU Climate Change Debate

FoodDrinkEurope – Building Reputation and Managing Issues

Medicines for Europe Rebranding – Helping Trade Associations Successfully Navigate the Process of Change

Reinforcing the Need for Lower Roaming Charges & Telecoms Market Liberalisation

"Breakfast is Best" - Harnessing the Power of Social Media to Deliver Key Health Messages to Policy Makers

Kraft Europe - Engaging Employees in Delivering the Business Strategy

Creating a More Favourable Environment for Bio-based Energy

DSM - Corporate and Market Reputation Building

Atos - Invest to Benefit

AkzoNobel - Corporate and Market Reputation Building, International Network Management

AkzoNobel - Merger, Acquisition and Integrations Communications