Today’s world is full of seemingly unsolvable problems, from conflict to poverty to environmental degradation.  But very occasionally somebody comes up with a simple and innovative idea; one that changes the way we look at some of these great challenges, and gives us real hope that they can be overcome. This is what Boyan Slat, an award winning 22-year-old Dutch inventor and entrepreneur, has already achieved with his initiative, The Ocean Cleanup.

The mission of The Ocean Cleanup is to help rid the world’s oceans of plastic through the development of a passive system that acts as an artificial coastline, and uses the natural ocean currents to catch and concentrate plastic rubbish before it is extracted, stored and shipped to land for recycling. A prototype of the system is currently being tested in the North Sea with the aim to start installing the first full-scale array in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch by 2020.

As an agency it is not every day that we have the opportunity to support such an exciting and important initiative. We are very proud therefore to be contributing our knowledge and expertise to The Ocean Cleanup as it turns Boyan’s vision into reality, and to have been appointed as an Official Supporter of The Ocean Cleanup.

For more information on our work with The Ocean Cleanup please contact Sylvie Aitken on For more information on The Ocean Cleanup visit

Photo credit: The Ocean Cleanup